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3 Amazing Relationships Between Dogs & Other Animals

There is no doubt that dogs can form unbreakable bonds with their owners. Research has proven that dogs are sensitive to our feelings and can also cause physiological changes in our bodies that encourage us to love them even more.

However, the human-dog bond is not the only type of cross-species friendships that dogs are able […]

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5 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

As spring flowers start to bloom, the sun starts to stay up longer, and the temperatures rise it’s that time of the year again- time to adopt a shelter pet! It is very common for people to get new pets in the spring because that’s when the weather is warmer, and people may have more […]

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Activities for You and Your Dog This Saint Patty’s Day

In 1762, Cheyenne, Wyoming introduced their first Saint Patrick’s Day celebration to the community in efforts to help integrate the Irish families into the town. Since then, the Saint Patrick’s Day traditions have evolved to include a sea of people wearing green, enjoying live music, parades and delicious meals of corned beef and cabbage.

At All […]

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What to Do if Your Dog Gets Cancer

Across the globe, one in every four dogs could be diagnosed with cancer. It is a horrible fact, but it is very true. There are numerous ways to deal with this situation so choose the solution that is easiest for you and your dog. Just make sure you ask a good amount of questions so […]

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Five Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Furry Friends

Everyone loves the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning seeing all the beautiful presents and stockings under the tree. It is one of the happiest and coziest feelings that everyone in the house should feel. Even our furry friends!

Whether they have opposable thumbs or not, they still want to feel the excitement that we […]

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Service Dogs to the Rescue for our Veterans!

An estimated 20% of veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq develop PTSD and depression. As a result, many have a difficult time reintegrating into their everyday lives at home. They are less likely to show affection for their loved ones, have a lack of trust for their surroundings, struggle to sleep at night and often […]

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Ouch: My Dog has Burned Pads!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our pets get hurt. Of course the best way to avoid burned pads is to keep our dogs off of the hot pavement in the summer, shorten walks, and go outside during cooler times of the day. But if your pet does get painful burns on his feet, here’s how […]

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6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy this 4th of July

While most Americans love barbecuing and watching fireworks on the 4th of July, it is likely your dog does not. The loud noises, flashing lights and burning smells make this holiday traumatic for most pets. As a result, the following day is often the busiest time of year for animal shelters collecting the many pets […]

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7 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

The hot “dog days of summer” are upon us. This means hiking, long evening walks and swimming! If you’re not careful, though, it can also mean burned paws and heatstroke for your dog. We know how much you love your pets, and so we came up with a few tips to help you both stay […]

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We All Need our Mommas

Where would we be without our mothers?! From day one, humans and doggies alike depend on a mother’s tender love and care to survive. For puppies, those first few weeks are crucial.

This Mother’s Day, if you’re looking to surprise your mom with a new furry friend, be sure to wait until your new puppy is […]

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