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Taming Chewbacca: How to Tame a Feral Cat

Calling all Han Solo fans, today is for you – it’s National Star Wars Day! If you’re looking for a new four-legged friend to re-watch The Last Jedi with, you might look outside! We have our very own Chewbaccas on planet earth: feral cats.

Feral cats are cats that have not grown up around humans. They […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Dog is a Superhero

Saturday, April 28th is National Superhero Day. While originally created in 1995 by Marvel Comics, the date can now be used to celebrate fictional superheroes as well as real life heroes. Many love to celebrate our parents, firefighters, and police officers. But let’s not forget about our furry, four-legged friends that get excited just by […]

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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Dog

Earth Day is almost upon us! Sunday, April 22nd will be a day that most of us try to do something to recognize and appreciate this beautiful planet we call home, whether it means you bike to work or pick up a little trash along the side of the road. There’s no reason your pooch […]

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Your Pet Needs a Valentine Too!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re looking for a valentine, look no further than at your feet. Your furry friend makes the best sweetie, because after all, they view you as the love of their life. They’ve been there for you through the good and the bad, and Valentine’s Day is […]

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Control the Cold & Protect your Pets!

We’ve talked about this once before, but we’re so passionate about our clients, that we’re talking cold weather tips for your furry friends yet again!

Whenever the wind and low temperatures approach, we bundle ourselves up in hats, scarves, gloves and coats. Don’t forget about your pets this winter season and keep them protected in the […]

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Stocking Stuffers for Your Puppers

The reason for the season is to give! The holidays are right around the corner and approaching alarmingly quick (as usual)! With this cheerful time also comes the looming task of gift shopping. This holiday season, make sure to add your pup to the list and get them a stocking stuffer that will make their […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Thanksgiving for Pets

November is a month for giving and a month for thanking. That being said, the best way to show thanks to your furry friend is through cuddles, pets and maybe a carrot from the Thanksgiving table.

Although it may be tempting, the best way to ensure that everyone has a happy, healthy holiday is by not […]

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Halloween is right around the corner and you’re not the only one who likes to dress up for this kooky, spooky holiday. Let your pet’s personality shine through with a unique Halloween costume! Here are a few of our staff favorites:

Glinda: The good witch of the east or your pup’s next addition to her wardrobe?

Elf […]

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Here’s How You Can Support the Pets of Hurricane Harvey Victims

Many of us have spent the past week watching in horror as Hurricane Harvey tore across the southern U.S., leaving a trail of overwhelming destruction in its path. In spite of the devastation so many individuals are facing right now, there is one silver lining – Americans near and far have come together to help […]

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Back to School? Dogs can go too!

The start of August means the end of another summer and the beginning of another school year. It’s not always just our kids, friends, and siblings who are going back to school, but sometimes our pets too! We all know the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but here are […]

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