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Tips for Taking Road Trips with Your Dog

With spring and summer just around the corner, many of us will be planning road trips with the family and this includes the dog(s)!

Start planning ahead for the trip with the right supplies so everyone can have a fun and comfortable road-tripping experience!

Food and water dish
Food and water (insulated bottles work great for […]

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Resources for Cheyenne Dog Owners

Your dog is a part of your family, so we’ve compiled a list of resources to ensure they stay healthy and safe! And of course…for dog (or cat) grooming appointments, give us a call!
Pet Food Recalls & Reviews
Visit Dog Food Advisor who has a wealth of information on just about every brand of dog food […]

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Cold Weather Safety Tips for Dogs

December 21 marks the first day of winter, although we’ve had many bitter cold days already here in Wyoming and Colorado. We love our pets here at All Star Grooming and wanted to take a moment to remind you that if you know of a dog who is kept outdoors, or your dog is primarily […]

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Dog Lovers Gift Guide

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week already? The brainstorming and ‘wish-list’ requests have already begun around here. But every now and then it’s great to pull off a surprise your friend or family member will love! Well, since we eat, sleep, and breath anything to do with dogs, we’re sharing our top gift ideas for […]

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Chocolate Safety with Dogs

Halloween is just around the corner which means yummy treats for kids (and adults!). The first thing that comes to mind? Chocolate. Which we of course all have engrained in our heads by now that chocolate can be dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly for our canine friends.
The trouble with chocolate and dogs?
Theobromine & Caffeine: […]

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Tips to Reduce Excessive Shedding

We understand where you’re coming from – the dog hair is everywhere and if you step out of the house, you’re finding dog hair for the next several hours – stuck to your pants, on your shirt, in your car, the list goes on.

While we can’t completely eliminate shedding (unless you have a dog breed […]

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5 DIY Projects for Your Pooch!

1 | DIY Pet Station

Puppy love! Treat your pooch (and yourself) to a cute and useful DIY pet organization project. There’s a place for everything — treats, toys, leash, shampoo and of course…the lint roller!

What you’ll need:

Wood Shelf with S Hooks
Room Essentials 3-pk. 4×6” Frames, Screws and Screwdriver
Pictures of your pup!
Get the […]

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Pet Dental Health Facts

Here at All Star Grooming, we’re all about not only keeping your pet in good overall appearance, but healthy all the way around! With that being said, let’s chat about something often forgotten with our dogs…proper oral hygiene. Does your dog’s breath stink? I think most of us could agree there. Well, unfortunately it may […]

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5 Frozen Dog Treat Recipes

The dog days of summer are nearly here and with that comes the heat! You won’t catch us complaining though, because days spent at the lake, Cheyenne Frontier Days, and basking in the sun are our favorite (until football season comes around that is). But back to summer thoughts! We’ve rounded up a handful of […]

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DIY First Aid Kit For Your Pet

Just like kids, your pets are bound to get minor scrapes from time to time. And while you may have many of these items in your home already, it’s time to get organized and create a doggy first aid kit! They can certainly come in handy and should always be carried when traveling with your […]

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