There is no doubt that dogs can form unbreakable bonds with their owners. Research has proven that dogs are sensitive to our feelings and can also cause physiological changes in our bodies that encourage us to love them even more.

However, the human-dog bond is not the only type of cross-species friendships that dogs are able to form. Dogs have been known to sustain mutually beneficial relationships with a variety of species such as sheep, birds, monkeys and more.

Here are some of videos of unlikely pairings of dogs and other animals that have been formed all over the world:

  1. Bubbles (elephant) & Bella (dog): Although these animals are completely opposite in shape and size, they became friends after learning how to swim together at the Myrtle Beach Safari. Bubbles will throw Bella’s ball as she jumps off her to play fetch and play in the water.


  1. Kasi (dog) & Mtani (cheetah): An orphaned cheetah cub and a rescued lab puppy became unexpected close friends at the Busch Gardens – Tampa. They enjoy exercising together and playing games.


  1. Rookie (dog) & Cow: Rookie became very close with a cow after his mom died. He likes to take naps on the cow and to hide under her for protection. They also enjoy eating and drinking together.


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