We’ve talked about this once before, but we’re so passionate about our clients, that we’re talking cold weather tips for your furry friends yet again!

Whenever the wind and low temperatures approach, we bundle ourselves up in hats, scarves, gloves and coats. Don’t forget about your pets this winter season and keep them protected in the months ahead.

  • Keep your pets leashed when outside! Snow can often disguise recognizable scents that would normally help them find their way home. Keeping them on their leashes will ensure that they come home to you at night.

  • Know their limits. Shorthaired animals are more susceptible to the cold than some longhaired pets. Adjust the amount of time that they stay outside. If it’s too cold for you, its probably too cold for your dog, too! Consider a sweater or vest for shorthaired, older and small animals.

  • Clean their paws and dry them off when coming back inside. Their feet can pick up salt and other chemicals when walking around outside, so cleaning them in-between the toes and removing snow balls from their foot pads keeps the chemicals off your dog and out of your home.

  • An extra bit of food during the winter won’t hurt them- it’ll actually help them! Just like humans, pets burn extra energy trying to stay warm in the winter and increasing their amount of food provides them their much-needed calories.

  • Don’t have them shaved down entirely during the winter. At All Star Grooming, we do our best to groom clients to customer’s requests, while understanding the importance of their coat during the winter.

As always, All Star Grooming in Cheyenne is here for you and your furry friend! Contact us today for comments, questions or to schedule your next grooming.