Here at All Star Grooming, we’re all about not only keeping your pet in good overall appearance, but healthy all the way around! With that being said, let’s chat about something often forgotten with our dogs…proper oral hygiene. Does your dog’s breath stink? I think most of us could agree there. Well, unfortunately it may not be solely because of what they’re eating.

Did you know?

  • 8/10 pets have oral issues by the age of three?
  • It’s estimated that less than 1% of dogs receive daily tooth brushings
  • Bacteria is the #1 cause of bad breath in pets

How can you keep your pet’s teeth healthy?

  • Regularly brush your pet’s teeth
  • Give your dog or cat dental stick treats to help with plaque and tartar in between cleanings
  • Get a tooth cleaning from your veterinarian every few years at the minimum!

After all, good oral hygiene can add to your pet’s life!

pet dental infographic

source: PetSafe