5 Health Benefits of Grooming Your Dog - All Star Grooming

While a clean dog is always a nice thing to have around the house, proper grooming provides more than the pleasant scent of a freshly shampooed pooch. Below are five benefits highlighting the importance and benefits of grooming your dog:

Healthy Skin & Coat

Long and short-haired dogs alike benefit from regular brushing. It removes dead hair, dandruff, dirt, and also helps bring out the natural oils in a dog’s coat. Plus, regular brushing will help reduce shedding – reason enough here!

Preventive Health Care

Brushing, cleaning their teeth, clipping nails, and bathing your pup allows your groomer to inspect your pet and notice any abnormalities.

Properly Trimmed Nails

Nail trimming is a difficult task for many pet owners but an important one. Short nails are key for our dogs’ balance and proper weight distribution. Long nails can actually put stress and strain on other muscles and joints by causing them to rest their weight further back on the paw because the nail is too long. We’re here to help!

Increases Social Skills

If you begin taking your puppy to the groomer at a young age it provides great training for getting them used to having their ears cleaned, being bathed and having their nails clipped.

Happy Dog

Clean pups not only get more cuddles but have you noticed how happy your dog is after they’ve been bathed? They feel great!

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