The start of August means the end of another summer and the beginning of another school year. It’s not always just our kids, friends, and siblings who are going back to school, but sometimes our pets too! We all know the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but here are some fun, quick things to teach your pet this fall.

High Five

  • Whether you’re wanting to just say hey, give praise for a good dead, or just for fun, a high five is a classic trick that really never gets old. Learn more here!


Back Up

  • Back, not to be confused with “bark” is a directional trick that your fluffy one can use to wow the crowds. An oldie, but a goodie, training your dog to back up can be as easy as any other trick. Each dog learns differently, so this one might take some patience with your pup. Troubleshoot backup training here.


  • When the humans return from their daily learning lessons, your pup can greet them with a simple wave as a way to say, “Thanks for coming home!”. Similar to a high five, a wave takes just a little bit of extra movement on your dog’s part and is a walk in the park once they understand the high five. A little repetition is the key to this trick!

Play Dead

Your pet has probably gotten used to having their human friends home all summer. Be sure to give them some extra love in the coming days as they’ll miss seeing their friends for most of the day. Have a great fall semester, pups and people!