Welcome to summer, Cheyenne! For many of us, the months ahead mean cool summer nights, water balloon fights, and toasty pavement. Your dog’s paws can usually handle whatever nature throws at them, but there are ways to keep your furry friend’s paws protected against the heat.

Avoid Man-Made Surfaces
Grass and other landscapes don’t capture heat the way that pavement and cement does. When possible, walk your pups on something other than the tough surfaces when walking in the mid-day sunshine.

Opt for Morning or Evening Walks
Your pets need to keep up with a daily routine in order to stay healthy and happy. When you know that temperatures are supposed to spike, consider a morning or evening adventure instead. This helps build up calluses on their paws to keep them better protected throughout the summer.

Paw Booties: Effective & Stylish
All-terrain type boots for your dog are protective powerhouses. If your active, athletic pup loves to hang out outside, a bootie with rubber paw protection will beat the heat in the summer and keep snow or ice out in the winter.

A Moisturized Paw is a Happy Paw
There are several recommended products on the market that can help moisturize paws. Products typically are applied prior to a walk to protect against potentially harmful surfaces and temperatures. Most pet supply stores carry products and can help you decide on the best option for your pet’s needs.

Keep the Paw Hair Trimmed
Our All Star Grooming experts can help you out with this one. Keeping the hair shaved closely around the paw pad will prevent ice, salt, pebbles, sand, small twigs, and debris from attaching to long hairs and pulling at their paws.

Think your pet’s paws may be burned?
Take them inside right away! Flush the paws with cool water and try not to let your pup lick the injured paw pad. Contact your local vet if your pet appears to be noticeably uncomfortable or symptoms worsen.

Give us a call at (307)- 632-7387 to get your furry friend scheduled for their next summer haircut.