With spring and summer just around the corner, many of us will be planning road trips with the family and this includes the dog(s)!

Start planning ahead for the trip with the right supplies so everyone can have a fun and comfortable road-tripping experience!


  • Food and water dish
  • Food and water (insulated bottles work great for this!)
  • Leash, collar/harness
  • Pet tags
  • Poop bags
  • Kong (filled with frozen peanut butter) or treats


  1. Feed your dog at least an hour before going on the road to ensure their food has had some time to settle and begin to digest. Dogs can get car sick, too! And before ever going on a long road trip, it’s best to find this out beforehand!
  1. Don’t let your dog roam about the car – keep them contained in the back of an SUV, or safely in the car.
  1. Wear your dog out the night (or morning) before a long road trip with a game of fetch or long walk. This is not only good for your dog, but you as well!
  1. A Kong filled with peanut butter. This treat will be your best friend when everyone is getting a little antsy to get out of the car. Kongs are great because they are safe and no one will choke on them should you hit any bumps or sudden stops.

Happy road tripping!