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At All-Star Grooming, it feels like every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day. We are one of the few companies that are lucky enough to enjoy the company of dogs all day long while we work – because they are our work!

There are many benefits to having pets in the workplace. At Zuke’s, a natural pet treat company in Durango, Colorado a typical day at the office includes 25 staff members and 10-20 dogs. Director of Innovation Chris Meiering said, “Having them by our side makes us happy, lowers our stress levels, and creates an environment that is comfortable, open, and flexible.”

In celebration of Bring Your Dog to Work Day – this year on Friday, June 21st – we encourage you to share the following five reasons for why dogs are great to have in a work setting with your employer. Hopefully, this will help more offices become pet-friendly!

  1. Helps Reduce Employee Stress: Stress is inevitable in the workplace but having a furry friend to take a work break with makes a big difference in reducing stress! Offices with dogs tend to feel more comfortable and watching them play or sleep can make you smile or laugh which reduces stress.
  2. Promotes Productivity: With dogs in the office people are more relaxed and happier which means people tend to get more done! Taking short breaks to play with a dog can actually give more motivation to go back and crank out some work.
  3. Encourages Healthier Lifestyles: Dogs need to be taken outside regularly to go to the bathroom and go for walks to exercise. Although the dogs may need a walk, so do the people! Going outside and being active increases happiness, health, and efficiency at work. Making sure to take a dog outside often also prevents accidents or behavior issues in the office.
  4. Prospective Employees Love It: When people come into your office it feels great to be welcomed by a smiling furry face and a wagging tail. It’s a great incentive for employees to want to be in an environment that welcomes pets and wants to promotes happiness among their staff. It can also greatly increase staff retention.
  5. It’s Good for the Dogs Too: It can be boring for dogs to be locked up all day alone in a house or hard on dog owners to pay for an expensive dog care service. Taking your dogs to the office allows them to socialize with other people, get out of the house, and save dog owners money.

Now that you know some of the many benefits of bringing your pups to work, talk with your workplace about how you could make this a part of your business!

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