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Everyone looks forward to Take Your Dog To Work Day, a national holiday celebrated every year on June 23rd. On this day, the dullness of the workplace is wiped away as dogs run around, wag their tails and bark happily. While this is an exciting day dedicated to our pets, it also is beneficial for your creativity, stress reduction, and work ethic during the day. Below are some benefits that bringing your dog to work can offer. 

Helps with work/life balance

It can be easy to get sucked into your career and have your work life take over your whole life. This holiday is designed to incorporate your personal life into your job, allowing others to see a new side of you. It also eliminates the stress of worrying about your pup while away at work. You can walk and give a good amount of attention to your dog while still being productive and efficient.

Taking your dog to work is a natural stress reliever

Being around animals and seeing their happy faces look up at you is a stress reliever in itself. These pets are companions for most people, and getting to have them stay in the office creates a sense of calm and comfort. 

From a study conducted by Mars Petcare’s CESAR brand, 58% of pet parents are happier with their pets in the office, while 52% said that their pets help support social interaction between coworkers. Animals are known to have therapeutic skills and their presence offers a comforting energy for the whole workplace. 

Enhances creativity and internal communication

Bringing dogs into the workplace gives employees a chance to talk about their personal lives, fostering new communication within the office and building internal relationships. If someone struggles with social anxiety, this day is a great opportunity for easy conversation and interaction with each other’s pets. 

This positive atmosphere generates new ideas and creativity in the office. Sometimes all you need is a change in the space and a stress reliever to open your mind. The connections you make with other employees from bringing pets will boost overall morale and productivity. 

Encourages physical activity

Lastly, bringing in your pet requires physical activity throughout the day to keep your pet happy and healthy. This in turn helps with your own physical health and encourages other coworkers to do the same. 

Bring your pet into All Star Grooming before their big debut in the office

As this exciting day dedicated to our pets is approaching, make sure to bring your dog into All Star Grooming in Cheyenne for grooming and cleaning. We want your pets to look their very best for your coworkers to see! Call (307) 369-5425 to book an appointment today.

While this holiday is only one day out of the year, its benefits are abundant in the office. Animals bring humans closer together, and sharing these experiences can create lasting memories for years. On June 23rd, make sure to take advantage of the furry friends in the office and build relationships with those around you.

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