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Winter is quickly approaching! After endless months of sunshine, heat, and sweating it’s now time to bundle up and stay warm! Just like during the summertime, dogs need added levels of precaution and care to ensure they stay cozy, healthy, and warm during the colder months. Here are some tips for you to take to make the best out of winter for both you and your pup!

When is the temperature too cold?

Once the temperature hits around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to bring your dog inside for the majority of the day. It is recommended that once it hits freezing, to avoid having your pup’s paws freeze, or to ensure they don’t feel uncomfortable, you let them outside for only a couple of minutes to do their business and get fresh air, and avoid leaving them outside for long periods. Especially if you have a smaller dog or a dog with a shorter coat! Dogs with thicker coats or longer hair can endure colder temperatures, but just to be safe, monitor how much time they spend outside!

Cozy sleeping spots

Just like humans, there is nothing a dog likes more in the cold weather than a warm, cozy place to sleep in! Experts recommend a fleece or super-soft doggy bed paired with a thick blanket for your furry best friend. If it tends to get really chilly where you live, consider investing in a heating pad, or self-warming pet mat! There are some great options available on

Winter jackets

For smaller dogs, or pups with shorter coats, it is wise to get them a dog jacket or sweater. These jackets and sweaters are great when you take your dog out for a walk, or just decide to spend some time outdoors together! It is important to make sure their sweater or jacket fits appropriately, so take the time to measure them before you purchase one!

Inspect their paws

Cold weather is just as important as hot weather when it comes to paying attention to your pup’s paws! Their paws are prone to frostbite if the outside temperature and sidewalk temperatures are too cold. The snow on the ground can also cover up certain things that could hurt their paws as well. When it’s time for your dog to come inside, check their paws for any cuts, and wipe off any snow that is on them. If your dog allows you to, try some pet boots to help keep their paws warm.

By taking these extra precautions, you are ensuring that your dog will be happy, safe, and warm this winter! The cold weather doesn’t mean your dog can’t live its best life, just that it needs to be a bit more careful! Happy winter season.

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