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We understand where you’re coming from – the dog hair is everywhere and if you step out of the house, you’re finding dog hair for the next several hours – stuck to your pants, on your shirt, in your car, the list goes on.

While we can’t completely eliminate shedding (unless you have a dog breed that doesn’t shed: hello Poodle lovers!), we can certainly provide several tips that will reduce the amount of dog hair that ends up ultimately on you, your floors, the couches and everything in between.

1 | Regular Baths.

Truly, it helps. A clean dog will have a healthier coat. An oatmeal shampoo like we use here at All-Star Grooming will clean without drying the skin out.

2 | Regular Grooming and Brushing.

Invest in a good shedding brush at home for those of you with medium to long-haired dogs, but even short-haired dogs need to be regularly brushed! Grooming removes excess and lose fur and redistributes your dog’s skin oils into its fur, helping it stay in place.

3 | Feed Quality Dog Food.

A healthy diet goes a long way. Look for dog food with digestible protein sources (listed as the first ingredient) and essential nutrients.

4 | Add Omega-3’s to Your Dog’s Diet.

Try spooning olive oil, coconut oil, or even flaxseed oil on top of your dog’s food to help improve coat texture and decrease dandruff.

Do you have an excessive shedder? What have you found to help most? While the tips mentioned above won’t help overnight, they will improve over time especially with the changes in diet. In addition, check out the health benefits of regular grooming.

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