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Spring is in the air and we get to spend more time outside. For the most part, the snow is gone and the grass is showing. So when our furry friends are either in their yard or out on a walk, we may notice that they want to roll in the grass. Is this ok? Should we be concerned? Why do they want to do this? 

A dog rolling in the grass is not a problem, and generally is completely harmless. There can be a variety of reasons why your furry friend does this, and it usually puts a big smile on their face. 

Reason can include:

  • It’s an instinct. Grass has various smells from the environment, so rolling in grass helps animals mask their own scent and get a chance to go near their prey. While dogs have been domesticated and aren’t really hunting for prey since their humans give them food, they might be still acting on instinct.
  • Marking their territory. Dogs rub themselves on their bed, toy, and on you to mark their territory. They also mark trees and other locations while urinating. It’s as if they’re marking the spot as theirs, or they might want other dogs to know that they’ve been there.
  • Scratching their back. Dogs can’t reach every part of their body to scratch, so sometimes they roll on their back to relieve an itch. If it’s just an occasional itch, that’s all right, but if it’s frequent or your dog won’t stop scratching and rolling, it could be a sign of a skin problem.
  • Getting rid of unwanted smells. If your 4-legged friend simply had any odor on its fur that it doesn’t like, it will roll around to get rid of it. For example, if it just had a bath, it might not like the smell of dog shampoo, so will roll around to get rid of a smell that humans like, but is unnatural to a dog.
  • It just feels good. Dogs may roll in the grass because they are happy and having fun and it just feels good. Think of how much we might enjoy getting a massage or just having our back rubbed.

Don’t feel the need to stop your four-legged friend from enjoying themselves in grass for a little while. If it becomes constant (or they roll near feces or dead animals), do stop it because this is unsanitary. Also, if your dog frequently rolls in the grass, it might be a sign of itchiness from fleas, allergies or skin infection. Look at your dog’s skin, and if you see something concerning, consider scheduling a visit with a veterinarian.

Your dog can get a bit dirty from enjoying rolling around and it’s fine to rinse them off after a walk or give them a bath every now and then. But remember, we are always happy to help keep your pup clean and fresh smelling, especially during the summer. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment as your four-legged friend smiles while rolling in the grass. We’re always happy to help.


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