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July has finally arrived and Independence Day is upon us! With that, it’s no secret that dogs and fireworks don’t always mix. While you eagerly await the smell of delicious, grilled food, the sound of laughter, and that gorgeous farmer’s tan you may get, it is important not to forget your dog while celebrating the stars and stripes. So, we have compiled some helpful tips to ensure your best friend has a safe and relaxing holiday.

Know Your Pooch

Not all dogs have problems with the sound of fireworks- some, especially hunting dogs are acclimated to loud, booming noises. However, it is important to know if your dog is cool under pressure or down-right terrified of loud sounds.

Understanding your dog will allow you to make proper accommodations. If fireworks turn your dog into a 190-pound ball of nerves, there are measures you can take.

Leave Them at Home

We know that it is hard to spend a day in the sunshine without your sidekick. However, they will most likely feel safer at home, away from all the noise. Your furry friend is used to the comfort of their own space and often feels more relaxed when their surroundings are familiar.

Make Their Environment Comfortable

If your dog is going to look after the house for the evening, close the curtains to shelter them from flashes of fireworks. If necessary, we recommend playing a CD or turning on the TV to distract your pet from the distant booming noises.

It also never hurts to leave your dog with something to do to occupy their time. Treat them to a Kong toy filled with their favorite treat, so that they too can enjoy the holiday.

Always ID Your Dog

For animal shelters, the Fourth of July is the busiest day of the year. Loud, unfamiliar sounds often make animals enter a fight-or-flight mode. Make sure your dog has proper identification just in case they turn into the great Houdini and escape your home.

As you gear up and get excited for the holiday, take a minute and make sure you have a plan for your pooch. Here at All Star Grooming, we wish you both a safe and happy holiday!

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