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As spring flowers start to bloom, the sun starts to stay up longer, and the temperatures rise it’s that time of the year again- time to adopt a shelter pet! It is very common for people to get new pets in the spring because that’s when the weather is warmer, and people may have more time to give to an animal.

Although, there are other ways to get a dog through pet stores or breeders, here are some reasons why you should consider getting yours from a shelter or rescue clinic.

  1. Saves a Life: Every day, more than 4,100 dogs and cats are killed in America’s shelters. There is simply not enough space for all the homeless animals or enough owners going to rescues in search of a new friend. Therefore, a wide variety of pets are waiting for you to come to save them!
  2. It’s Cheap: People can spend thousands of dollars when buying a dog from a professional breeder while getting a dog from a rescue clinic can be under $100. Some shelters even include vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying or neutering in the adoption fee!
  3. Find a Great Pet: Many shelter animals are already housetrained and won’t ruin your carpets! They usually are great pets that end up in shelters because of human problems such as moving, divorce, people losing a home or job, unplanned litter, or people lacking the time or desire to properly care for a pet.
  4. Good for Your Health: Having a dog not only helps you be more active but also helps you get outside more. Although it depends on dog size, it’s recommended that you walk your dog for at least 15 minutes, twice a day. You can spend this time walking neighborhood streets, exploring new trails, and visiting local dog parks!
  5. Get a Friend: Everyone wants a friend and it’s no coincidence dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. All your rescue dog will want to do is love you and be there for you. So, head over to a rescue clinic near you to find your new friend!

Once you adopt a dog, you will be able to start enjoying the nice spring weather together, playing in the grass, or just enjoying the sunshine. For our loyal readers, we suggest checking out Black Dog Animal Rescue or the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to start looking for your new furry friend!

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