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In 1762, Cheyenne, Wyoming introduced their first Saint Patrick’s Day celebration to the community in an effort to help integrate the Irish families into the town. Since then, the Saint Patrick’s Day traditions have evolved to include a sea of people wearing green, enjoying live music, parades, and delicious meals of corned beef and cabbage.

At All-Star Grooming, we think this amazing day of celebration should also include your best friend – your dog! Even though your labradoodle isn’t 100% an Irish descendant, they would love to wear green and spend time with everyone just as much as you do!

So, if you are spending your Saint Patrick’s Day in Cheyenne and you have a dog that wants to celebrate too, here’s a few things you can do:

  1. The 2019 Luck of the Irish 5K is a VIRTUAL run or walk that you need to complete in the month of March in order to be qualified. The price is $20 and that includes your medal and its shipping. Why not throw on a green workout outfit and take your pup for a run!
  2. Buy one Blizzard, get one for 99 cents! This year for Saint Patrick’s Day, Dairy Queen is offering a buy-one blizzard, get-one for 99 cents deal! While you are enjoying your delicious blizzard, don’t forget to ask the cashier for a “Pup Cup” so your dog can enjoy a small serving of vanilla soft serve ice cream as well!
  3. As long as it is all-natural, adding green food coloring to a drink or food will spice up any Saint Patrick’s Day festivities you and your dog might have to go on.
  4. If your dog is comfortable around large crowds, Alf’s Pub in Cheyenne goes all out for Saint Patrick’s Day. They will be serving corn beef and cabbage all day and they are also offering prizes to anyone who is willing to kiss the “blarney stone”.

Start planning a green outfit for you and your pup and we hope you enjoy the day!

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