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How do your pups react when you tell them it’s a spa day?! Some dogs absolutely love the attention they get when it is time to head into the groomer and get some tender love and care for the day. However, other pups have a strong aversion to the process of being away from their owners and spending time in a place that is not home.

Whatever the case may be for your dogs, there are many benefits to taking your dog in to get groomed. If you aren’t doing so already, you might want to consider it for the following reasons:

Healthy Coat & Skin – Just like people take showers to keep fresh hair and skin, dogs need the same care to keep a clean, attractive coat. Grooming preserves healthy skin and hair for pets. Without regularly brushing your dog’s hair, it becomes knotted and dirty. Having a groomer wash and brush your pet’s coat will lead to healthy and glowing hair and skin.

Strong Nails – Cutting a dog’s nails can be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish with them squirming around and fighting it. Despite this difficulty, cutting a dog’s nails not only helps animals, not scratching people but also has health benefits. Regular nail cuttings help keep their nails short while also reducing the risk of infection and allowing for healthy foot structure and posture.

Pets Look Great – While there are many health benefits to grooming your dog, the joy of having a great-looking dog is satisfying in and of itself! Groomers are trained to know how to cut the hair of each dog breed and are happy to make changes to the owner’s specifications. Most groomers use shampoo and conditioner that smells good, so not only will your dog look sharp, they will smell great too!

Avoid Medical Problems – Consistent visits to a groomer can allow problems in the ears, skin, teeth, or body to be detected easily and fast. While being around your dog regularly can help you spot any issues with your pet, having a groomer carefully care and look over your dog while grooming is the second pair of eyes that you can trust. Keeping a dog’s teeth and mouth clean is also essential when it comes to a pet’s overall physical well-being. Brushing dogs’ teeth can be difficult, so having a professional to maintain this area is convenient and helpful.

Reduces Shedding – While shedding depends on dog breed and hair length, shedding can be reduced by frequent brushing and washing. Along with brushing your dog weekly at home, having a groomer bathe and comb your dog’s hair can thin out their coat. Professional dog hair cutters know the proper way to groom your pet specific to their breed and how to trim their hair, which is especially helpful for dogs with thick coats.

Taking your dog to the groomer every three months (or so depending on the breed) can help maintain your dog’s health and looks. Schedule an appointment for your dog at All-Star Grooming for all your pet’s grooming needs!

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