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Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week already? The brainstorming and ‘wish-list requests have already begun around here. But every now and then it’s great to pull off a surprise your friend or family member will love! Well, since we eat, sleep, and breathe anything to do with dogs, we’re sharing our top gift ideas for the dog-lover on your list!

1 – “Running Errands for my Dog” Shopping Bag

True or true? This shopping bag is adorable and even better? A percentage of all proceeds benefit shelter pets.

Shop it: ‘Running Errands for my Dog” Tote

2 – Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collar

The last dog collar you’ll ever need! If you like the elegant look of leather but insist on your dog wearing a maintenance-free collar, these waterproof dog collars are perfect for you! Each collar is made with super durable Soft Grip poly coated nylon webbing and stainless steel hardware.

Shop it: waterproof dog collar

3 – Pet Grooming Gift Card!

In our unbiased opinion, what better gift than a gift certificate to All-Star Grooming to get your pet groomed? Everyone loves a clean, pampered pooch! Plus, your pet gets a day of pampering!

4 – Soggy Doggy Doormat

Super-absorbent, durable, microfiber chenille absorbs 5x more water than regular cotton doormats – a must with messy dogs!

Shop it: doggy doormat

5 – Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Take it from us, the coffee from Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. tastes amazing. Plus, the company was started by the founder, Jordan Karcher, out of his passion to give back to the animals by offering delicious coffee. Fairtrade, an organic coffee company where 20% of all revenue received is donated to rescue groups? We’re in love.

Shop it: Grounds & Hounds Coffee

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