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Everyone loves the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning seeing all the beautiful presents and stockings under the tree. It is one of the happiest and coziest feelings that everyone in the house should feel. Even our furry friends!

Whether they have opposable thumbs or not, they still want to feel the excitement that we feel when we see the tree on Christmas morning. Consider getting the animals in your household one of the following gifts!

  1. Homemade treats. Dog or cat, when they hear that treat bag open, they will come flying around the corner. Homemade treats are far superior to store-bought ones. They will be warm, filled with love and your animal will love them endlessly.
  2. A collapsible water dish. Every animal owner has been out and about with their pup and experienced a sudden need to give your dog some water. Collapsible water dishes are great for these on-the-go needs. They are also very affordable and can be found at your local Walmart.
  3. Toys that hold snacks. It is a fact that animals like different foods. When you eat the same kibble every day it can get a little boring! Get your buddy a Kong toy that holds treats for them to get out. It keeps them busy and they get a reward from it too!
  4. Pet drinking fountains. Steer clear from the old musty bowl of water and get your fuzzy friend a drinking fountain! These constantly filter the water and keep it flowing providing your pet with access to abundant clean water!
  5. A new collar or bandana. Cats and dogs both can be pretty stylish. A great way to keep up on your animals’ new styles is to get a new collar or bandana. By doing this, you can switch up your buddy’s everyday wear.

We hope this list will help you find the perfect item to make it the best pet Christmas possible!

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