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With the Fourth of July near, celebrations will soon occur, which unfortunately for our dogs means the loud and dreaded fireworks are going to begin soon. Thankfully, we at All Star Grooming care for the well-being of your dog and have identified many ways to help them handle the firework displays. Continue reading to learn how to keep your dog as comfortable as possible through this anxious event.


Up-To-Date ID Tags and Microchips

Hearing the loud noises of the fireworks can trigger a dog’s “flight” response, resulting in them running away when fearful. In case this occurs, it’s important to make sure all identification tags are up-to-date and have the correct information for a better chance that they will return. A microchip – provided by your veterinarian – is also smart to implement to help pinpoint precisely where your dog may be located.


Create a Safe Haven

Establishing a designated area for your dog to feel comfortable can provide a much-needed sanctuary for your scared pup. Find a quiet place that’s away from windows – to avoid the noise and sight of the fireworks as much as possible – and where your dog is comfortable. Since dogs are den animals, covering a crate or building a hiding place out of blankets is ideal to help relieve their stress and make them feel secure. Ensure the space is full of their favorite treats, toys, comfy pillows and blankets to help keep your pup distracted and entertained. It’s best to set up this safe haven ahead of time to allow your dog to get used to it and know it is a place of comfort and security.


Stay Home or Have Them Stay With a Trusted Person

Having their guardian close helps dogs feel more at ease and allows you to ensure they are safe during the celebration. If you can’t stay home yourself, having a trusted person stay over is a good alternative to ensure your pup still has company and support from someone. When you’re with or around your dog, it’s important to be calm – especially when talking – to show there is nothing to be scared about.


Drown Out the Noise

White noises – such as the television, a fan, air conditioner and/or music – can all help to muffle out the noise of fireworks and keep your pup distracted. Studies have shown that classical music is great for soothing dogs, especially the channel, “Through A Dog’s Ears,” which is specially designed by a sound specialist and veterinarian to calm anxious dogs. There are similar programs you can find on Youtube that are made to help relax your dog as well. It is also important to close all windows and blinds to block out the loud booms and flashes from the fireworks.


Miscellaneous Tips

Ensure your dog has gone on a walk and to the bathroom before the festivities start so they don’t have to be outside during the fireworks! This also helps to get their energy out so that they can relax more easily later. Other recommendations include purchasing a Thundershirt – a snug garment that provides consistent pressure around your dog’s body – or a natural calming supplement, such as melatonin.


We hope you find these tips helpful and that they aid in making your dog feel more secure during the booming fireworks. If you feel their anxiety may be too severe, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss further alternatives.



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