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A great bond between your dog and the groomer ultimately starts with you. It takes a little bit from everyone, but starting with you can really help when taking your dog into the groomer. Performing a few simple tasks every so often can better prepare your dog to be a superstar client! So, what can you do to get your dog ready for the next grooming visit? Here are a few tips!

Normal Nail Trims: 

We know, that sometimes dogs don’t like getting their nails trimmed, and many pet owners find it difficult to handle the task. Consider a routine for nail trims, so you can help prevent pain in your dogs and to help out your groomer! Your dogs will adapt to nail trimming if it is performed on a routine basis. This will ultimately help your groomer so your dog feels at ease when they do the nail trims themselves. 

Long nails on dogs can cause joint pain, and nobody wants their fur baby in pain. Long nails also take several and more frequent nail trims to bring back proper nail length. If you are encouraging your dog to feel more comfortable with nail trimming, consider handling their paws with treats or when they are relaxed. 


Dogs do better at places they remember, respond easily to people they know, and patterns they are familiar with. Taking your dog to the same location, and groomer, can build a healthy relationship so your dog can feel safe and comfortable. 


When taking your pup to the groomer for the first time, remember to tell the groomer and staff all medical and behavioral details that will help your groomer understand your dog the best. If your groomer feels comfortable with your dog, your dog will too. 

Booking in the Future:

Be sure to communicate with your groomer on how frequently you should bring your pup in for a visit. Factors such as breed, coat type, and lifestyle, all weigh in on the grooming timeline, so it is important to keep your grooming appointments on track. It is best for everyone to schedule in advance, so your groomer can have it on their books, and so can you. 

Overall, performing small tasks such as normal nail trims, booking appointments, etc., can go a long way, whether you realize it or not! We appreciate the courtesy, and we encourage you to remember these small tips to create a comfortable relationship for your dog and groomer.

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