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Winter has arrived in Cheyenne! That means colder temps, more snow and the need for more safety for both pets and humans when going outside. Here are a few habits to consider when getting ready for a quick walk after a big storm or a nice evening stroll.

Use reflective collars and leashes

The sun is going down earlier (though, one bonus, after December 21st we start gaining a little bit more daylight each day!). Consider using a reflective leash when walking your dog and also putting a reflective collar on them. This will make you much more visible and put you in a safer place when enjoying the fresh air.

There are several options available, from reflective strips on the edges, reflective strips across the entire width of the leash or a rechargeable light-up leash.

Bundle them up

It’s cold out there! We automatically throw on our winter coats when we walk outside. We might assume that just because our furry friends have on their (fur) coats, they don’t need extra insulation. Well, many of them might not have that much of a coat so they could use an additional layer. 

When shopping for a winter coat for your pup, take into consideration their size. The jacket should be snug around them to trap in body heat but not too tight to cut off mobility. 

Watch out for antifreeze, ice melts, and road salt

You have the reflective collar and leash, the dog is bundled up. Or you have the former and a 100-pound Bernese Mountain Dog so you are the only one bundled up.

As you are out for a walk with your four-legged friend, be cautious of what the pup might be sniffing. Products that are commonly used in the winter, such as antifreeze, ice melts, and road salt can be toxic to pets. They might start licking it off the ground. It can also start accumulating on their paws and they will lick it off later. When you get home, be sure to wipe off their paws!

Keep them inside

The temps drop and there are times we, as humans, don’t want to go outside. While our pets might need to go outside quickly to pee/poo, don’t leave them outside for extended periods of time. Just like humans they are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia.

If you are unable to provide them indoor shelter frequently, be sure to have a doghouse with a warm/solid shelter against the wind. The floor of the doghouse should be off the ground to minimize heat loss. Also be sure to provide water and check the water to be sure it has not frozen.

At All Star Grooming, your pet’s health and safety is a priority. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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