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As the winter season approaches, you’re probably breaking out the heavy coats, gloves and hats for the family to stay warm. But don’t forget to help another member prepare – your dog. They may have fur, but many dogs still need a little extra help during the cold months. Here are a few products and tips to help keep your pooch warm this winter.

Get a Heated Dog Bed

A heated dog bed works essentially the same as a heated blanket: you plug it in and it radiates heat when your dog lays on it. They are good options for senior dogs who can’t regulate their body temperature as easily or for dogs with joint or muscle pain, hip dysplasia or arthritis. 

The K&H Heated Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Indoor Pet Bed ($170 on Amazon) cradles your pooch in warmth and comfort while its low wattage ensures the bed is safe and efficient for your home. The bed is also designed to make sure it only heats up when your pet is on the bed.

Or a Self-Warming Dog Bed

If a plugin dog bed seems too expensive, you can opt for a cheaper, but still effective, self-warming bed. 

The ASPEN Pet Self-Warming Lounger ($29 on Amazon) warms your dog by reflecting their own body heat back to them using technology similar to space-blankets. Its non-skid bottom also means it is perfect for tile and hardwood floors.

Keep Their Paws Warm with Dog Boots

When your pup inevitably has to use the bathroom outside when it’s rainy, snowy, or just freezing, dog boots are a good way to keep their paws warm and prevent them from tracking dirt or mud inside. 

The Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, 4 count ($37.95 on Chewy) are made of durable and high-quality materials that are perfect to protect your dog’s paws in wet or dry, hot or cold conditions. Its high-grip, flexible thermoplastic coating on the toe and sole helps with traction outside but can also help senior dogs or dogs with hip conditions maintain traction on hardwood or tile floors inside. 

Get a Dog Jacket

Dog jackets allow your dog to roam outside without getting cold or worrying about tripping over something bulkier like a blanket. They are a good option if your dog has short hair, is a senior or just can’t maintain their body heat easily. 

The PetRageous Designs Kodiak Insulated Dog Coat ($29.99 on Chewy) is a heavyweight jacket that’s perfect for harsh winter weather. It’s made from a high-denier nylon shell that’s water and windproof with a poly-cotton blend inside to keep your pup warm and comfortable during any outdoor adventure.

Trim Foot Fuzz

The hair in between and around your dog’s paw pads can collect and form ice balls from the time they spend outside. Keeping that hair well-trimmed and even with the surface of their foot can help prevent your dog from getting cold feet.

Keep Their Fur Dry

Similar to us going outside in the cold with wet hair, if your dog’s coat is wet coming inside or going outside, it’s going to make it easier for them to get cold. When snow starts to fall, keep a towel near the door so you can dry your dog off when they come in. This can also help keep your dog from leaving a trail of paw prints and water as they walk around.

At All Star Grooming, your pup’s health and wellbeing is our number one priority. We want to make sure they are staying warm as temperatures continue to drop. Want to schedule a grooming to make sure they’re ready for winter? Make an appointment with our expert groomers today!

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