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Here at All-Star Grooming, we’re all about not only keeping your pet in a good overall appearance but healthy all the way around! With that being said, let’s chat about something often forgotten with our dogs…proper oral hygiene. Does your dog’s breath stink? I think most of us could agree there. Well, unfortunately, it may not be solely because of what they’re eating.

Did You Know?
  • 8/10 pets have oral issues by the age of three?
  • It’s estimated that less than 1% of dogs receive daily toothbrushings
  • Bacteria is the #1 cause of bad breath in pets
How Can You Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy?
  • Regularly brush your pet’s teeth
  • Give your dog or cat dental stick treats to help with plaque and tartar in between cleanings
  • Get a tooth cleaning from your veterinarian every few years at the minimum!

After all, good oral hygiene can add to your pet’s life!

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