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The dog days of summer are nearly here and with that comes the heat! You won’t catch us complaining though, because days spent at the lake, Cheyenne Frontier Days, and basking in the sun are our favorite (until football season comes around that is). But back to summer thoughts! We’ve rounded up a handful of dog treat recipes that will give your pooch something to cool off with during the summer:

1 – Frozen Peanut Butter Pupcakes

These look almost good enough to eat ourselves!

2 – Frozen Apple Dog Treats

Just three simple ingredients, ’nuff said.

3 – Blueberry Basil Dog Treats

Oh my gosh…delicious + your pup will get all the health benefits of the basil!

4 – Banana Frosty Holes

Wait until you see all the other varieties of these bite-sized treats from Sugar the Golden Retriever!

5 – DIY Frozen Treat & Toy Bowl 

The best part about this is there is no recipe! Throw in whatever you want, add water, freeze, and voila!

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