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There are so many joys of owning a dog. They keep you company, elevate your mood, cuddle with you, and promote your mental and physical health. There are also less joyful experiences of owning a dog, like clipping their nails. Very few just sit and enjoy as if they were at a spa day.

Clipping your dog’s nails can be a stressful process – for you and your dog. And building up their desensitization and trust to nail clipping can take a while and requires a lot of patience. Unfortunately, clipping your dog’s nails is much more important than many owners may think. Yes, unkempt nails don’t look very attractive, and they can damage your floors but it’s much more than vanity.

For one thing, if your dog snags their claw on a piece of furniture or fabric it can cause them pain (imagine if you caught a hangnail on something) or even worse – an injury that requires a vet visit!

Plus, when their nails are long enough to constantly hit the floor when they walk, it puts pressure on the nailbed. This can cause constant discomfort that your dog may try to fix by changing their weight distribution when they walk. Over time, this can change the alignment of their toe and paw joints and cause long-term issues.

If you need your dog’s nails clipped and want to trust it to the professionals, who are practiced at dog wiggles, give All Star Grooming in Cheyenne a call to schedule an appointment at 307-400-3421.

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