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Although Wyoming is less susceptible to insects with its cold and dry climate, ticks and fleas are still common parasites that exist, especially in the warmer months of the year. These tiny insects can easily attach to your dog and negatively affect their health by transmitting diseases, such as Lyme Disease, and causing allergic reactions. They can also make your pet uncomfortable, and can cause your pup to scratch, which could lead to a whole new set of problems, like an infection, if the skin breaks.  It is vital to protect your dog from these little pests to ensure they are safe and can enjoy the outdoors. Keep reading to learn why tick and flea prevention is so important, and ways to help your dog if they encounter these insects. 

Importance of Prevention 

Tick and flea prevention is an important step all dog owners should take, even in climates like Wyoming as these creatures persist to harm the health of our beloved dogs. It is crucial to take preventative steps before or after your dog encounters these parasites to help ensure they are not heavily affected by the nasty symptoms and diseases caused by both ticks and fleas. Without taking measures, your dog not only will be unhappy, but their health will be seriously impacted which may end up causing more issues or fatalities to occur. 

Prevention and Treatment 

The main forms of tick and flea preventatives include pills and topical ointments. Though flea collars exist as another remedy, they have recently caused allergic reactions in dogs and may not be as effective as the other measures. Oral treatment prevents ticks and fleas from hurting your dog as the insects quickly die once the pill is dissolved in the dog’s bloodstream. Pills are also used to prevent future infestations and can be given to your dog prior to the invasion to block the insects from ever coming into contact with your dog.

Topical ointments are recommended for dogs with digestive issues but can be used by any as this treatment proves to be more effective in repelling insects than oral medications. This is because the parasites will jump on the dog, encounter the topical ointment they despise and will jump off your dog without ever biting or getting into your home. Although these preventatives can be purchased at pet stores or online, it is recommended to talk with your veterinarian first to determine which treatment method is best for your dog based on their lifestyle and medical history. 

We hope this information is useful as we care deeply about the health and happiness of your dogs. We’re here to care for your dog and we pride ourselves in using hypo-allergenic, all-natural premium shampoo and conditioners customized to your pet’s needs.  We encourage you to schedule regular grooming appointments to keep your dog looking, and feeling, good!



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