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Earth Day is almost upon us! Sunday, April 22nd will be a day that most of us try to do something to recognize and appreciate this beautiful planet we call home, whether it means you bike to work or pick up a little trash along the side of the road. There’s no reason your pooch can’t get involved, so here are some ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day with your dog!

Get Outside. Cheyenne has a beautiful dog park at 800 Southwest Drive. The Cheyenne Community Nancy Mockler Dog Park is fenced in so your pet can run free! There is a separate area for small pets as well as shade and benches for you to sit on and watch your pet frolic over the exercise equipment and play with other dogs.

Collect Some Trash. Your dog’s daily walk can double as time spent cleaning our planet! Chances are you pass litter every day, so instead of one doggy bag, maybe grab a few trash bags and a pair of gloves to clean up your usual route.

Reuse Old Items. Are your closets filled with old and unused blankets, unmatched socks, and ratty t-shirts? Instead of throwing them out, think of ways to repurpose them. Old blankets can be donated to dogs at your local shelter to be used as beds. Socks and t-shirts can be made into toys that your pet will love!

Look Into Eco-Friendly Pet Products. There are brands that are careful with how much they impact the environment. Molly Mutt is a unique brand that turns up-cycled clothing into washable dog duvets. Simply stuff it with old clothing or blankets to give your pet a cozy bed. Jax & Bones is another company that specializes in sustainable dog beds. They also donate 10% of sales to benefit animal rescue groups! A quick internet search will retrieve many eco-friendly pet brands, but even a conscious effort to buy toys or products with less packaging (or in bulk) can go a long way!

Recycle Water. Our pets deserve fresh water in their bowls each day, but instead of dumping the old water down the drain, put it to use by watering houseplants. It’s estimated that Americans use between 80-100 gallons of water each day. Reduce this amount by thinking about how you can reuse water.

Reuse Old Bags. Don’t throw out all those plastic bags from your latest run to the grocery store! These bags can be reused to scoop poop. If you prefer to buy your doggy bags, consider switching to a biodegradable brand. Companies such as Earth Rated and PoopBags create bags made from plants and renewable resources to reduce the time it takes for them to break down.

So, this Earth Day, grab your pup, get out there and “go green” by putting some of these eco-friendly tips in action!

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