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It’s no fun having to leave your kiddos at home while going about your daily errands. Next time you go out, stop by one of these pet-friendly businesses in Cheyenne so that you can shop with your pooch.

1. Murdoch’s Ranch and Home Supply – 3773 E. Lincolnway/H. 30
If your dog is your favorite farmhand, it only makes sense that he should help you shop for farming equipment. Just keep him on a leash and tell him to mind his manners.

2. Home Depot – 1740 Fleischli Pkwy.
Kind of the same story as Murdoch’s. As long he behaves himself and doesn’t bother the other customers, your pooch is free to help you load up on outdoor supplies.

3. Cowgirls of the West Museum and Gift Shop – 205 W. 17th St.
Leave the German Shepherds at home for this excursion. Only small dogs that can be carried in your arms or a carrier are allowed. It is a gift shop after all.

4. Chipotle – 1508 Dell Range Blvd.
While giving refried beans to a dog may be the worst decision ever, he is certainly welcome to accompany you while you drop by for a bite. Just stick to the patio and keep him on a leash.

5. Petco Animal Supplies – 1782 Dell Range Blvd.
Since you are shopping for your pooch, it’s only fair that he gets to come along for the ride. Just make sure he is well-behaved and leashed.

6. Wrangler – 1518 Capitol Ave.
Stock up on all your western accessory needs with your best friend at your side. As always, only well-mannered, leashed dogs are allowed.

7. Lowes – 1608 Prairie Ave.
Thanks to the store’s wide aisles, your pooch won’t feel claustrophobic – or tempted to knock anything off shelves with his tail. Keep him close, though, and don’t let him socialize too much with the other shoppers.

8. Shadows Pub and Grill – 115 W. 15th St.
Enjoy a pizza or sandwich with your pal at Shadows. Just be sure to stay on the patio and make sure he doesn’t go wandering.

9. All-Star Grooming – 1602 E. 11th St.
Well obviously! You know how much we love doting on your pooch and getting him all spiffed up. Stop by anytime – you and the kids are always welcomed.

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