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The reason for the season is to give! The holidays are right around the corner and approaching alarmingly quickly (as usual)! With this cheerful time also comes the looming task of gift shopping. This holiday season, make sure to add your pup to the list and get them a stocking stuffer that will make their holidays special.

That being said, here are some holiday gift ideas for a man’s best friend.

A Doggo Sweater

Okay, you caught us, this may not be a gift for your pup as much as you (because what dog isn’t adorable in a sweater!?). However, this gift will be perfect for keeping your furry friend warm come the cold months AND score them some extra pets from the family due to cuteness. That sounds like a win-win to us!

A No-Stuffing Toy

If you have ever given your dog a new toy, only to find it destroyed in minutes, then this is the toy for you! These cute animal toys come without stuffing. Perfect for endless (no mess) fun for your dog and the family member who has taken on the role as the tug of war partner.

Holiday Entertainment

Getting your dog a toy that is time-consuming for them is always a good idea! Try food dispensing toys like the Bob-A-Lot, or even a simple Kong, to keep your pup entertained for hours. Not only is it occupying, but they also are rewarded with a yummy treat!

Homemade Holiday Treats

Nothing says I love you like something homemade. Let your dog enjoy holiday cookies too by making them homemade dog treats! These are a simple and relatively inexpensive way to give your pup something tasty during holidays. Even better, many of these recipes call for ingredients you may have to lie around your house, like peanut butter and flour. Click here for some festive recipe ideas!

A Soft New Bed

­­All of the holiday company can wear you out… oh sorry, we meant to wear your dog out. A soft new bed is a perfect place for your pup to get warm, cuddle up and escape the chaos of the family. This is a gift that will be appreciated for months to come!

Happy Holidays and happy shopping from All-Star Grooming!

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